Degree in Nursing


The four-year degree in Nursing (240 ECTS) prepares for the scope of competencies of the general care nurse as defined in the national professional regulation. The Course covers 8 semesters of which more than 50% is dedicated to clinical education, in the framework of European and national requirements.

Relying on humanist principles and evidence-based learning, the course provides theoretical knowledge and clinical skills that enable our graduates to become highly competent and autonomous professionals, acting at all health prevention levels while attending people and populations through life span, in health and disease processes, in all kind of settings. Our Nursing education intends to prepare with an intellectual focus, an extensive knowledge base, the application of nursing theory to clinical practice and the use of a scientific mode of inquiry.

The education process is dynamic and integrates and develops a constant updating in order to ensure a quality education with the use of information technologies and innovative teaching strategies. We believe in develop a teaching-learning environment that promotes student’s autonomy and responsibility.


• Provide holistic and personalized nursing care, promoting  self-care of the person, family, groups, in a situation of evolutive crisis, of accidental crisis (acute or chronic illness or disorder), of risk / opportunity, of end of life, of acute or chronic illness, and in emergency situations;

• Work in multiprofessional, interdisciplinary and intersectoral teams,  aiming to answer to population's health needs, at the three levels of prevention, in the different working contexts;

• Manage nursing care with the individuals, families and groups;

• Take responsibility for their actions according to the professional ethics principles;

• Be responsible for their self-education and collaborate in the education and training of peers and other technicians;

• Manage and adapt their professional practice to technical and scientific evolution as well as to social and health policies;

• Collaborate in the management of the clinical context / unit where  professionally exercise.

*BSc corresponds to the “licenciatura” degree in Sciences according to the Portuguese terminology


Course accredited by A3ES for 6 years (in 2017)

More Information: A3ES Accreditation

Professional Outcomes

Provide and deliver general nursing care, regarding health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social integration as well as palliative care.
Our graduates operate in health care/nursing institutions both in public and private settings (hospitals, health care centers, residences for elderly people, nursing homes, nurseries, kindergartens, prisons, companies, community centers and others) and they can also do liberal practice.

Professional development in areas of clinical care, research, management, longlife learning and teaching.

Reasons for choosing the course

It is a bachelor's degree with prestige, recognition and, therefore, national and international employability;

Rigorous scientific basis, completed with a very strong practical component;

Relation of proximity between staff and  students;

Oportunity to study in an environment promotes autonomy, ethics, responsibility and approach to work contexts;

Opportunity to develop practical work, including research, with the surrounding community;

Availability if latest information technologies and innovative teaching strategies, including specific and well-equipped laboratories and in internationalization experiences;

Possibility of using databases and bibliographic resources.

Course coordinator

Prof Ana Lucia Ramos
For more information’s please contact us:
Tel. (+351) 265 709 331