MSc in Advanced Neurological Physiotherapy


The MSc is a professionally-oriented programme with the overall goal of providing the professionally qualified physiotherapists with the opportunity to extend their knowledge and professional expertise in neurological Physiotherapy, and prepare them for an autonomous, reflexive and specialized patient centred practice. The course aims to develop an evidence-based practice, addressing the emergent needs of neurological patients and family/ caregivers, develop the ability to assimilate research results and contribute to the knowledge transfer to practice, as well as to contribute to research in these clinical areas.



At the end of the master’s degree students are expected to demonstrate:

  • advanced clinical reasoning skills in order to integrate the assessment findings from a variety of neurological conditions, including complex and/or unpredictable situations;
  • in-depth knowledge about the effectiveness of physiotherapy approaches in neurological conditions and the ability to critically analyse its transposition into clinical practice;
  • advanced skills to plan, implement and evaluate individualised physiotherapy plans, integrating their critical analysis of the available evidence, their risks and benefits, in order to meet the needs of the patient/ family/ caregivers;
  • ability to guide the neurological patient through various contexts and health care services, resources and support in the community, optimizing interdisciplinary communication;
  • ability to use a wide range of strategies to work collaboratively with long-term neurological patients, carers and other professional groups and entities related to the management of long-term neurological conditions;
  • ability to self-assess their professional practice through a critical reflection about their performance and feedback from/to peers, and using those reflections to inform future practice and professional development;
  • ability to design, plan and conduct a research or quality improvement project in the area of neurological physiotherapy to respond to complex problems, as well as to disseminate their results, contributing to innovate research processes and professional practice in neurological conditions.



Course accredited by A3ES for 6 years (in 2021) HERE

Teaching Language:  Portuguese

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