MSc in Nursing


The Master in Nursing was proposed and implemented in partnership between the Higher Health Schools of the Polytechnic Institutes of Beja, Castelo Branco, Portalegre, Setúbal and S. João de Deus Nursing School of the University of Évora, through a rotational protocol (administrative and financial management, responsibility of the Institution hosting the edition).

This Course, a professional master's degree, intertwines with research and community outreach. The main objectives defined are related with the scope of the educative, scientific and cultural project of the Institutions of Higher Education involved. The course associates the dimensions of educative, scientific and  community extension as well as the cultural and scientific cooperation and interchange and technological, with regional, national and international entities, in a perspective of reciprocal valorization that foments the development of the knowledge and potentiates the capacity of intervention in the society. By preparing masters in specialized areas of nursing, we will qualify professional for a differentiated care, intending to improve quality care and answers to population needs.

The course offers seven areas of expertise:

Community Nursing and Public Health *
Rehabilitation Nursing *
Family Health Nursing
Child and Pediatric Health Nursing *
Mental and Psychiatric Health Nursing *
Medical-surgical nursing. The person in critical situation *
Medical-surgical nursing. The person in chronic and palliative situation
(* Specialization with favorable opinion of the Order of Nurses for the attribution of the professional title of specialist nurse)



1. Develop knowledge and skills for nursing specialized intervention, evidenced in high levels of clinical judgment and decision making, taking into account human responses to life processes and health problems;

2. Promote quality care improvement in health care, using research, evidence-based practice and ethical and deontological benchmarks;

3. Enable clinical governance, team and project leadership as well as supervision and management of care in the different contexts of clinical practice;

4. Contribute to develop the discipline and the specialized education in nursing.


Course accredited by A3ES for 6 years.
More information: A3ES Accreditation

Professional outputs

In the area of health, in nursing, at all levels of prevention, where scientific, technical and human skills are required and / or applied to provide specialized nursing care in the areas of specialty in nursing.

In the five areas of specialization that have obtained a favorable opinion from the Ordem dos Enfermeiros, this regulator will award the title of specialist nurse.

Reasons for choosing the course

From the association of the five institutions result synergies and resources that provide a high level of teaching and learning, stimulate scientific development and reflective thinking and promote the conditions of nursing development in a clinical area of specialty.

Teaching Language:  Portuguese


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