Organizações Internacionais


BUSINET – Global Network of Higher Education Institutions

BUSINET – Global Network of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) is an international network of higher education institutions (public and private), who share similar interests on internationalization. It was funded in 1987 by 16 HEI with the intention to (…) “promote and develop the business curriculum and to stimulate and support mobility arrangements”. Today has 130 members from 36 countries, of all continents, except North America. IPS is a member of Businet since 2014, with the involvement of ESS and ESCE.

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COHEHRE - Consortium of Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe

COHEHRE Consortium was founded in 1990. It is a non profit organization who aggregates students and teachers from higher education institution across Europe. Its mission is to promote, develop and support inter-professional learning, teaching and research, as well as improve collaborative skills and strategic management.

The consortium offers opportunities for networking and sharing information, good practices, as well as teaching and learning experiences in multiprofessional settings, in the areas of health and rehabilitation.

ESS/IPS has been a member since 2002, where it has kept and active and continued participation, through the commitment of various teachers and several students.



ENPHE - European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education

ENPHE was funded in 1996, and in May 2020 it had 161 higher education institions as members, from 17 european countries, who teach Physiotherapy Degrees. ESS/IPS has been a member since 2020. It assumes it mission as: “Physiotherapy higher education has a voice that speaks out and lobbies for aligned educational development in physiotherapy. ENPHE is a VOICE. Physiotherapy higher education stakeholders have a forum to engage and drive forward new developments. ENPHE is a FORUM. Different approaches in physiotherapy higher education become visible and are connected so that they have best impact for future professionals. ENPHE is a CONNECTOR.”

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FINE - European Federation of Educators in Nursing Science

FINE is an international nonprofit government and nonprofit organization, with the mission to promote the excellency of Nursing Education within European Region of the World Health Organization. FINE was funded in 1995 and ESS/IPS became a member in 2021.

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RACS - Rede Académica das Ciências da Saúde da Lusofonia [Academic Network of Health Sciences of Lusophony]

RACS aggregates higher education institutions (HEI), withing health, from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique e São Tomé e Príncipe. There are 25 Portuguese HEI, mostly from the Polytechnic sector. ESS/IPS has entered the organization at the end of 2016. It aims are:

  • 1. The exchange and international cooperation within Portuguese speaking countries in the áreas of teaching/learning, research, development and innovation within Health Sciences; 
  • 2. International Academic Mobility, within health, around the Portuguese speaking world;
  • 3. The promotion and facilitation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation among higher education and research institution, within health;
  • 4. Scientific dissemination of health sciences;
  • 5. Long life education within health sciences.”

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