Degree in Acupuncture

Degree in acupuncture


Acupuncture, an ancient area integrated in non-conventional therapeutics. Actually there is an increasing recognition of its potential and benefits of acupuncture in the promotion and quality of life. This scientific area is recognized in the Portuguese Higher Education for bachelor degree.

The degree in Acupuncture aims to prepare health professionals with a strong professional profile, capable of developing a solid career in human health. Thus, the profile of the graduate in Acupuncture combines knowledge in the areas of Acupuncture, Technical and Clinical Sciences and Fundamental Sciences, as defined by Portuguese laws. This profile also includes the education of health professional able to work in multiprofissional teams focused in evidence activities and in the resolution and prevention of pathologies from the areas indicated for acupuncture.


The degree in Acupuncture as a graduete in complementary health technologies of public higher education, follows the Administrative Rule no. 207-F / 2014, aiming the development of the competences and objectives defined in article 4, that the principal aims are:

• To understand and promote critical knowledge on the theoretical bases of Acupunctue/ Tradicional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  for establish the differential diagnosis based on the principles of diagnostics of Acupunctue, and for support the intervention, namely, the selection and application of acupuncture techniques, procedures and methods;

• To improve the quality of acupuncture practice based on scientific knowledge and the state of knowledge in clinical research;

• To develop communication and interaction skills effectively with users and other health professionals;

• Provide a training offer in the area of acupuncture, in public education having a vocational aspect


Course accredited by A3ES for 2 years.
More information: A3ES Accreditation

Professional outputs

Acupuncture in public and private institutions. Opportunity to work in Liberal Activity, Research and Higher Education.

Reasons for choosing the course

ESS-IPS assures a higher standart education as it is recognised in Portugal. For  acupuncture degree the  ESS-IPS has articulated with specialists and recognized experts in acupuncture to ensure scientific and professional basis for ptofesstional fife.

In ESS-IPS we have a team of theachers with recognised pratical experience in acupuncture, with academic graduation (bachelor degree and PhD) in the área of health, researche skills and international experience.

Course Coordinator:

Diogo Calado

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Tel. (+351) 265 709 331